Websites for Children

Below is a selection of websites that I use, that are aimed at children to explore online. 

When navigating an online space with your child provide them with a balanced view and discuss the merits of different websites. Watch some of my videos below for some top tips.

What to discuss with your children when searching online:

1. Refine: what information they are trying to find out. I would advise brainstorming words that they could search to help them find what they are looking for before getting online.
2. Search: Focus on keywords when searching, simple terms, alter search words if it doesn't come up with what you want, use quotation marks e.g. when including a phrase "sick as a dog."
3. Delve: Explain to children that every single individual will get different search results depending on their history, location etc. Look beyond the first few results, as they can include ads. Explain Google has a complex PageRank algorithm.
 - What is the URL (look at the green URL)? (does it end with .edu / .gov instead of something random?)
- Have you heard of it? e.g. London Zoo / National Geographic / NASA (all reputable websites)
4. Assess: Once you've opened the website - *remember not everything you read is true.* I would always recommend cross-checking a website with at least one other source.
5. Cite: This is an important skill for children to learn and understand about plagiarism and copyright infringement. You can use other peoples work but you need to say who wrote it and where it came from. 

Overview of Websites

A selection of some of the best websites to use with children. Look below for detailed description of each website or look on CommonSense Media for more information about sites that are appropriate for your child.

Common Sense Media
A website for parents to check how appropriate most media is for your child.

Maths Websites

- Khan Academy

Family Research

How Stuff Works
(this is geared at older children but can be used with an adult as some great content)


coming soon

Website Descriptions

There are hundreds of websites available for your children to access. Below, are just a few of my top ones and how to start teaching your child how to search effectively. Please get in contact if you want information on any other apps / websites in particular. Or have a look at Common Sense Media that gives great overviews of Media for children.

Reading Websites:

Online Stories: A great resource of actors reading storybooks to children with beautiful illustrations. It is a good way for your child to listen to stories, especially if you are cooking dinner or busy on another task! 

Stories for Kids: Another online resource of storybooks read aloud with illustrations. It can be searched by age range. 

Oxford Owls: A British site that has a huge range of online e-books and games for children to participate in. You need to register for a free account for your child.

Family Research:

How Stuff Works: If your child is incredibly inquisitive and always keen to learn more than this is a great website. It is aimed more at older children (secondary and up) but if used with an adult it can be used as a great resource. The language might need to be explained on some of the concepts.

Wikipedia: I believe that if children use this alongside other sources it can be a great tool. They need to understand how it is created and that not everything on there is 100% factual and to cross-reference with other reputable sites.
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