About Us

Online Kidz Club is a platform for children aged 7 - 11 to challenge and build their higher-order thinking skills through independent activities at home

The importance of building time for children to use their higher-order thinking skills outside of school is becoming increasingly more important. This platform provides activities that allows children to find solutions to challenges which can then be utilised in all life situations. Each challenge follows three key steps; watch, create and share.
Kidz watch how to step by step videos created by educators to challenge your child.
Participate in hands-on creative projects that engage your child and inspire them to become innovators.
Your child will be able to make their own videos or take photos of their outcome and share with the OKC community.

This platform will ignite your child's curiosity and creativity while providing parents with a much needed break!

The founder of Online Kidz Club

Online Kidz Club has been set up by Anna Heale, a trained Primary School teacher who is currently completing her Masters in Technology in Education. Having worked around the world in the UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, she has a wide range of experience in multiple settings. This includes independent schools such as; Queen's Gate School London, Dulwich College Singapore, Cranbrook School Sydney and St Cuthbert's College, Auckland. Her passion lies in providing challenging, creative tasks and incorporating technology in a positive manner at home and school.
Alongside Anna is a host of trained teachers and educators from around the world. Together they have over 50 years experience and a passion for enriching the lives of children through engaging hands-on activities.

Completing Online Kidz Club Challenges at home

Home is fundamental in your child's life and is where a huge amount of learning takes place. A child feels confident, supported and happy at home. That is why at Online Kidz Club we believe the importance of supporting your child in creative, higher-order thinking challenges; these are the building blocks for creating a well-rounded child who applies these skills in all areas of their life.

The research behind Online Kidz Club

Benjamin Bloom came up with a framework now familiarly known as Bloom's Taxonomy. This framework promotes mastery learning and higher-level thinking, based on a task's cognitive complexity. Challenges in Online Kidz Club are based on challenges; creating something new, analysing what they already know and evaluating their outcomes. Each activity is based around the principles of the engineering design process.

From the first challenge children will be engaged in fun, hands-on tasks which will extend their thinking.
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What our parents and children say about us...

"Wow, I couldn't believe how engaged my child was with the challenge that they had chosen. It was fantastic seeing my child completing a creative problem solving task independently and being so proud of their outcome!"
Parent - Jennifer
"I enjoyed making a boat out of recycled materials. I am excited about my next challenge and getting another certificate."
Michelle, Aged 8
"I love the iPad challenges. I created an iMovie by myself about my favourite trip with my grandparents and I got to show it to my whole family."
Steven, Aged 10
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