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Frequently asked questions

What does Online Kidz Club provide my child that I can't get elsewhere?

Online Kidz Club provides the opportunity for your child to be lead by professional teachers through activities that are creative, challenge their critical thinking and provide opportunities for innovative exploration.

Each challenge encourages student engagement with the hands-on projects that allow your child to become an innovator using three key steps:

1. Watching teachers through step by step videos. In addition they will join a worldwide community providing feedback on the challenges they have completed in a safe environment that is monitored.

2. Participate in hands-on creative projects that engage your child and inspire them to become innovators.

3. Your child will be able to make their own videos or take photos of their outcome and share to OKC community.

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What resources does my child need?

Your child will need a device to watch the step by step instructions for each challenge. (This could be a laptop, iPad, phone.) 

Before your child starts, I recommend making them their own personalised resource bag (use an old cardboard box or paper bag that they can decorate) that includes these items to use for every challenge so they aren't asking you at the start of every new challenge.
 scissors, glue, sellotape, markers, pencils, recycled material from around the house such as; loo rolls, egg cartons, cardboard box, cereal boxes.

There is a section of challenges that are based on an iPad using these free apps; Book Creator, Google Earth, Pic Collage, iMovie, Google Slides. (If you/your child is unsure of how to use any of these apps please watch these introduction videos)
To complete this activity as a task with your child... watch this video of how to create your very own personalised resource bag.

What challenge should my child be choosing?

That challenges have been designed so they are open ended and can be completed by children aged between 7-11 years old. The tasks are differentiated by what the child will produce.

I recommend that children are allowed to choose the challenge that most appeals to them because you are encouraging independence of choice and they are more likely to enjoy the challenge. 

If you notice that your child is always choosing the same topic area like Awesome Art, you could encourage them to try a different one or do one together. There are family challenges which are great to do all together.

My child can't upload their content.

If your child is struggling to upload their content - watch the video below to help them navigate uploading their outcome to the website.
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