Embracing the School Holidays with your Primary School Child

Embrace Boredom - allow your child to be bored. You will find as they get used to it, it allows them time to become creative. School terms are incredibly busy, so allow time for your child to slow down during the holidays.
Make screen time positive - make this a valuable time with active engagement and discussions. Discuss with your child what they are planning on doing on their device e.g. instead of sedentary watching, talk about what they can ‘create.’ Can they make an iMovie about your family or create a fact file about your favourite movie character?
Get outdoors - fresh air is great for adults and kids alike. You could even set up an activity before you go that they complete once back home. e.g. collect 5 items while out to use to write a story or take 10 photos on your walk that we can make into a collage using an app like Book Creator or Pic Collage.
Keep it simple - use recycled materials found at home and see what your children can create with them. Spending quality time with your child doesn’t have to be elaborate - cook with your child, explore and let your child lead the play.

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