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Primary School Kidz

The website providing your child with the opportunity to become an innovator by watching, creating and sharing with other children around the world.

Why parents choose OKC...

A Huge Library of Engaging Challenges

Explore new skills across areas like Art, Sport, crafts, problem solving and many more!

Positive Screen Time

Using devices to learn and create. Follow how-to videos by trained educators from around the world to engage your child's curiosity. 

Inspire Others

Boost your child's confidence, by allowing them to share their outcomes in a safe online community to spark new ideas and feedback on other children's work.
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The safe, online community helping busy parents raise curious young minds for less than the price of 3 coffees a month!

Online Kidz Club is a membership-based website that provides fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) challenges for your child. The target age is between 7-11 years old. Every challenge can be completed anywhere in the world with wi-fi. In addition, top tech tips and support for parents navigating technology with their primary school child will be on offer.

The kids' challenges will develop your child's critical thinking and creativity. They will be engaged in hands-on tasks anytime, anywhere, both on a device and with offline practical activities.
Kidz watch how to step by step videos created by educators to challenge your child.
Participate in hands-on creative projects that engage your child and inspire them to become innovators.
Your child will be able to make their own videos or take photos of their outcome and share with the OKC community.

Sneak peak into OKC...

Watch this video to see what you get when you subscribe to Online Kidz Club.
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Online Kidz Club Subscription Pricing

14 day free trial with any subscription!

*cancel anytime within the trial and it wont cost anything!

Provide your child with creative activities at home
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What our parents and children say about us...

"Wow, I couldn't believe how engaged my child was with the challenge that they had chosen. It was fantastic seeing my child completing a creative problem solving task independently and being so proud of their outcome!"
Parent - Jennifer
"I enjoyed making a boat out of recycled materials. I am excited about my next challenge and getting another certificate."
Michelle, Aged 8
"I love the iPad challenges. I created an iMovie by myself about my favourite trip with my grandparents and I got to show it to my whole family."
Steven, Aged 10

Benefits for Kids

Online Kidz Club provides a platform that allows your child a safe, closed online community to complete hands-on challenges that are creative, fun and stimulate their critical thinking, using resources you can find around the house.


Creativity is engaging children's higher-order thinking. It is the process of initially thinking about a problem and then producing an outcome based on the engineering design process.

Hands On Fun

Practical fun - allowing children to explore and experiment within the framework of a challenge, following step by step video instructions from teachers using materials found at home.


Online Kidz Club is a safe, closed community in which your child can participate from anywhere in the world, upload the results of their activities and see how others have responded to the challenge. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed by using technology in your house?

 Are you unsure how to navigate using devices with your children?

Sign up to Online Kidz Club to provide productive, creative challenges for your children using iPads as well as getting tips and tricks on how to best utilise, set up and maintain a positive relationship with technology in your family.
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Benefits for Parents

Providing a platform to inform you on creative apps for your child, top tech tips when navigating devices, child-friendly websites and much more.


Receive practical advice and tips on how to set up your family device and talk to your children about how to utilise technology in a positive manner.


Information about child-friendly websites and creative apps for your child's iPad in order to promote higher-order thinking.

Family Tasks

Take part in a wide range of creative family challenges together, to build a connection through developing skills as a group.

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